by G-DO & Xception

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Fourth project and third LP from G-DO & Xception


released December 13, 2011

Produced by G-DO
All Lyrics Written by Xception [except where other artists are featured]



all rights reserved


G-DO & Xception Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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Track Name: Amusing (feat. Eric Ian Farmer)
She was just about perfect, a beautiful rose unusual glow
That growed to make the earth split
Never wondered was it worth it cus another woulda been a cover of the first kiss
I’m talking stars spaceships fourth of July up in my eyes
Completely bazaar, sacred/ and laced with a face that could raise it/
Hell and high water like a spell from my father that fell from my lashes/
To make the everlasting the passage to peace amongst the crashes/
Or at least a release for the madness/ I reached out to have this/
Sweetest, thing that I ever known/ pleasure was the measure of a better home/
Me and you left our feathers tethered to a telephone/
Extra, long, distance/ a beautiful swan song, goodbye, I missed it/
Hello, who is this/ sound of your voice like Christmas/
My wish list your whispers on 45s mixed with/
Dilla on that cool shit, fantastic two shit/
But still, who is this, you sound so familiar/
If you just breathe then I feel ya, but will ya/
Do me a favor, call back later/
In like six months if I slump and be my savior/
Its probably just me, but I swear God made ya/
In the name of the flavors my muse, you,
Inclinations of a truth I refuse to let inspiration loose/
Me and you, making two, one.

Excuse me miss, did you, drop this it’s me/
Your wish upon a star a gift from the gods/
Well, maybe I took it too far but I’m at least gift from my Moms/
Signed, sealed and delivered to your arms, a river of charm/
No nigger, but a Black man, picture of dawn figure of bronze/
Quick hit the alarm I might be wrong but this chick is in harm/
I mean damn!, excuse me, darn, don’t mean to be rude/
But did you notice how I’m noticing you focused on you/
Had a vision of a lotus and I’m hoping its you/
Open up so I can soak in your mood/ choking for you
No I’m, not joking with you, I’m speaking so fast
Out my last breath close to croaking for you/
So, give me a sign, a notion or two/
Am I closer to cruising the ocean to you/
Ummm your honor, can I make a motion to move/
This hearing to a date much closer to June/
But wait, maybe its to soon, nahh its too late/
Baby I’mma see you at noon under a new moon
Bumping our new tunes the sound of your heart and my heart in a new bloom/
The groom, me, the bride, you, your eyes, wide, open to love
And its enough for forever if we touch
A rush of together in our clutch – es
A kiss, our lips, found the benevolence far overdue
My muse, you, the essence of the proof, assessed and reviewed
a blessing on the loose dressed as guess who?/
The freshest and yes it’s the best we ever knew/
Me and you, making two, one