Keep Rising [single]

by G-DO & Xception feat. Shishani



This song was made in Pobiedna, Poland at Saraswati Hotel on an excursion of sound with some of our best friends in music. There were a lot of results from the days spent in the lab and this is just one of them Enjoy the track and check for the video as well. Peace.


Verse 1st
From ground zero, going for 100 like I want it like its living in my bones, but the mission’s been evicted from home, and now it dwells where ever I quell fear, never sailed here, let the wind wash me up on the shore, looking for signs of intelligent, hustle, relevant, to my heart muscle, more like heart struggles, to let go, of pipe dreams, but holding on to life seems, to small for big hands, trying to get a ticket to the big dance, but even then, maybe they won’t wanna let me in [damn], could be the sin or the love, I forgot to see and take complete advantage of, but either way I’m picking up the damage that was cus damn it was hard fought for like a war between blood and even if I’m the loosing side, there’s no loosing when I’m through to being true to I, and keep rising

Keep rising, every next step leads to another door
Keep rising, every next step is better than before

Verse 2nd
Even when the odds, aren’t even in my favor, trusting that the gods are believing in my flavor, taste it, chi-town mixed with so many different places, so many different times, ancient, my soul is, older than my habits, stronger than my tendencies to take good greens and turn em into cabbage, they said I need a plan, I told em that I have it, said where will I land, told em where my hat is, cus wherever I fly, I stay grounded like bad kids, with good parents, and apparently it must’ve been mine that kept me in line and kept me in touch with something divine it had to be such when the love they shared had me on air prepared to conquer obstacles like they not even there with no fear of the traps that cats hold, stay on the up and up as we reach another plateau, and keep rising


released February 13, 2013
Produced by G-DO, Lyrics by Xception



all rights reserved


G-DO & Xception Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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