Mood Of The Music

by G-DO & Xception



Peace and greetings to everyone landing here in search of sound.
G-DO and I would like to welcome you to the Mood of the Music experience. We crafted this album over the past year between Amsterdam, Chicago, the World Wide Web, and all that life brings when we aren't making music. Enjoy this first step on the journey and check us out at your local network:


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Enjoy! and Welcome.

Press Release...

Chicago rapper Xception and Amsterdam producer G-DO will release their official debut album ‘Mood Of The Music’ on 26 July 2010. After becoming friends almost two years ago in Amsterdam, G-DO and Xception have been working on new music continuously. 'Mood Of The Music' will mark the first official release from both artists. The album showcases a mature, soulful, jazz-influenced style of Hip-
Hop. Some might say the sound reminds them somewhat of Slum Village or Reflection Eternal, but it’s best to decide for yourself!

Xception’s rhyming combines a Chicago flavour with introspective lyrics and clever wordplay, while G-DO creates musical landscapes that are a combination of funky, jazzy sounds combined with hard-hitting drums and live instrumentation. To record this album, G-DO and Xception met up both in Amsterdam and Chicago, eventually finishing the album by sending music back and forth through the Internet. The album features North Carolina singer Multiplist, whose distinctive multi-layered sound adds a soulful touch to two tracks on the album-- ‘Grown Kids’ and ‘Always’.

The lead single ‘Fly Away’ and, B-side, ‘Paint a Picture’ are already gaining increasing attention in the Underground Hip-Hop scene. You can now download the album for free at Bandcamp [ ].

For more information, or to set up an interview, please contact


released July 26, 2010

All songs produced by G-DO
All lyrics written by Xception



all rights reserved


G-DO & Xception Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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Track Name: An Explanation
An Explanation Written by Xception

Freedom or ashes
I see the path to either resting in peace in the passage of time
Guess it’s just life on it’s axis, but mine, I swear
It’s moving backwards by design
Like my soul’s in the air and it’s flying
Looking at my role down there and it’s trying
To get me to remember the divine in my flesh
So it’s sending me the pictures in the sky where it’s at
And checking from the images
You and I are in a net of resemblance, for instance
Even though we never met, right now you listening
And thank goodness for that
And while you at it better know these the secrets of my soul in poetics
It’s cold where I set it, my hat down, Chi-Town home with no ethics
Quick to leave another one gone with no effort
My zone and my section, Southside
Where after the election there’s still no change and no direction
Really been the same in all my recollection
That’s why I became the Xception
Couldn’t be another slain brother in a segment
Of eyewitness news, so I lifted and flew
Touched down in Amsterdam, met G-DO and he nice with the beats
Now the universe is working and it’s time for it to leak
In line with your mind on the grind with your feet
Confined in a rhyme and designed for that heat
So bump it, its just the intro, hate it or love it
Like it, rate it or snub it, I write it for the brave and the bummish
The ones who ache in they stomach
The ones who can’t wait to make another summer
Wanna thump this in they boom box or they Hummer and
Some of the time, you might pick one of my lines
And find the sun in my rhymes, the big homie
Sitting in the sky making sure to shine on me
And you as well, thanks to our mutual acquaintance
Moved throughout your mood after breaking the Arrangement
And came with whatever we want loving the sound
Something very similar to what you feeling now
Track Name: Elevate
Elevate Written by Xception

Every once in a while
Sit and wonder how I got under the pile
Wanna be more than another one in the crowd
Something similar to being number one with the style
Versa-tile thunder strike asunder the clouds
Never coming up lumber while ya blundering now
If I’m ever gonna make it ain’t no slumber allowed
And if you see my eyes closed just know my third is hovering proud
Like a mother and child but I’m a brother with vows
Discover other ways to recover the crown
Snatch it back from these rappers, lovers of clowns
Smothering sound, like I’m from a Southern town
Suckers on the mic suffer cus I’m tougher with nouns
Every other utter just another curse out they mouth, but fuck it
Newcomers can bow my drummer is wild
He dumb on canals, son got his thumb on the crowd
Moving for miles
Truckers burning rubber to plow
Enough of the shroud drop it and uncover the wow

Wow, look what we found a way to move up and stay on the ground
Mind is the weapon times the mistakes
Taking what’s good to the great
Elevate Elevate
Wow, look what we found a way to move up and stay on the ground
Check another plane in your brain vibrate to create
The best move to make
Elevate Elevate

So I, hopped off on the top floor
Stopped off to give another knock at Hip-Hop’s door
What’s up lovely, do you got a minute to talk or
Are you in a bind with the cops and the hardcore
What you squeezing on my heart for
Baby take it easy we can leave if you about more
About four minutes later
Man I coulda swore she was finished but wait up
She went and did her face up, galore, make-up
Told her where we going it’s a war wake-up
Bout to raise the stakes up and take us way up
I know the radio think its one way to play us
But I got a plan that can save us
Lady take my hand, leave what they gave us
They use to enslave us and take what made us
The wave that gave us DJs and behaviors that shaped us
To breakers and sprayers a classic display of
Today and the array of ways to elevate ya

Wow, look what we found a way to move up and stay on the ground
Mind is the weapon times the mistakes
Taking what’s good to the great
Elevate Elevate
Wow, look what we found a way to move up and stay on the ground
Check another plane in your brain vibrate to create
The best move to make
Elevate Elevate

Til you can’t smell the hate
Tumbled til I fell in the flowers now the smell is great
That’s power and it’s ours, towers to communicate
Above being cowards empower and illuminate
Let the light shine on em, sign of divine on em
Lay em on his spine draw a line on em
Up the middle to his mind eye of sublime on em
It’s a shrine on em intelligent design on em
Architect is in the building climbing vines on em
In love with his work defining time on em
Ya see this little light of mine is like a fine omen
A combined moment of knowing love and atonement
That’s at-one-ment so Joe Campbell told it
I hope you playing this again in slow motion
And understanding it begins with your devotion
To provoking the emotions of rolling roller coasters
And taking it closer to soul when its supposed ta
Grow and glow and bring you home when its over
Track Name: Grown Kids feat. Multiplist
Grown Kids Written by Xception

I was told watch out for Virgos
But my blood flows where her’s flows
My name goes where her’s goes
My range is as long as hers grows
So it’s a catch 22, but I’m tired of catching the blues
So I’m catching a case of…
What’s your name, what’s your face uh
Cant remember your number or find a trace of…
My sub-conscious eraser left a blank space where your place was cus
You like treble with no bass blood
On a Dr. Dre record with Charlie Tuna rapping
In other words you need more balance in your tactics
I challenge any actress to crack this
Maybe Halle Barry in Monster
Or Mariah Carey in concert
Either way I’m tired of the nonsense
I tried all that calmness
Now I’m gonna be calm and move on kid
Truth is its soothing as this song is
I’m ready for the silence to define what long is
Maybe in time we’ll find where home is
Eventually we’ll find where the phone is
Then talk about where uncle Jerome is
Ten minutes later you’ll be back on your throne pissed
You know its on when you messing with Grown Kids

Why do we keep playing like Grown Kids
I remember, we were strong, somewhere we went wrong
So wrong, but I still love
Why do we keep playing like grown kids

So who’s left to trust
Everybody really but how much
Stood up for you at the beginning but now I duck
Cus you showing up MIA when I am not OK
But I ain’t mad you hated
Its an education in the value of patience and I know
Its denial if I’m waiting for you to grow
They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks
So I’ll stop throwing all these bones and throwing these sticks
Is it just the fall or all year long
You looking in the mirror waiting to hear a song
You really are the top dog of them all
The top hog of the small
Should read all the writing on the wall
Your picture was hanging under lights in the hall
Description said danger dynamite to balls
Now that’s friction a stunning rendition
Of the definition of dipping in position
Conditions you pose on listening suppose that
What you hear is composed so I’m closed
Leave him alone you weaved your own shit
You know its on when you messing with grown kids
Track Name: Fly Away
Fly Away Written by Xception

I’ll fly away come back with a flow to blow the sky away
Then go out on my float and provoke the sky to stay
Remind him of the stars where the secrets are safe
Gate keepers on the clock and the hands don’t move
Plans don’t move everything not in accord with the land on snooze
This is the balance you don’t choose cold and callus the challenge you won’t lose Entering the palace with a gallon of good news
Like a million miles man walked in some good shoes
Caught a case of the good blues
Faught away a chase of the should crews
Steady stress what you should do
What they would do if they were you
But the day is done and its past their curfew, so…
Put away the sun, set won the battle now the dark has come
The sharpest one that’s farthest from his fathers drum
The hardest one mark a half heart of the sun
Play your part in the outcome
Or just don’t be a part of the outcome departed without none
A fresh start can’t out run the art that sprays from the arch
Like Horus in the rays of the heart
I stay amazed at the sparks
And nowadays it pays to embark
Back to the sky I see you in a minute
Black on the rise I see you when its finished

And if I ever land come and check me in Neverland
Blast off again end up in the Netherlands
Whatever stands in my endeavor plans way
Forever chance to be a lever in my advance clever how I advance
Better than Jewish settlers on Palestinian lands
Just following the dent in my hand
Been a minute since it sent me to a devilish land
You know that place with only treble and trance
Up the levels on the bass cus space is the place where the rebel can dance
Revel in the limits cus there ain’t none
Can’t wait til we rid of mimics and the fake ones copy if you can
I’m somewhere in Polaris where Hip-Hop is top again
If I stop and you hope in we’ll…

Up up and I’m gone to the cup and the throne
So far away, but finally I’m home
Where I see my father’s features and he still breathing
A beautiful evening high off the ether
Let reflection be your leader
Protection be your sneakers
Perfections be the tweeters
To Xception in your speakers
A high frequency to reach ya from outer limits
The mouth of mystic lips lifting the listening
To a pitch that’s fit for hearing whispering
Figuring that what you hearing is bigger than
The source of the sound
Striking from above like lighting from the ground
It’s the ALL power profound towers of now
Yesterday and future promise it’ll suit ya
So go ahead a toot your
Horn for this instrument without form
Born to flee the norm and…
Track Name: The Weather Report Pt. 2
The Weather Report Pt. 2 Written by Xception

Words to paper
Dedicated to hard work and labor
9-5ers, cubicle slavers
Screaming lord save us look what he gave us
Grind on the mind so they reaching for razors
Reaching for the stars or modern day saviors
Teachers are lying telling us to buy it
Preaching to the choir so that shit don’t phase us
Must just be the crazy way they raised us
Jim Crow to the three strikes legally haze us
Grab the constitution, Grab an eraser
Replace the place where they swear we the people, cus we the monsters
Killers living amongst us, television filler for wants plus
Trust is bankrupt and our love on welfare
You might say its hell here, but the smell here
Remind me of self and the time of the wealth
With the rhymes in my belt look deep between the lines find heaven on the shelf Watch it leaven with the health seven times in your mind
before the cards that were dealt… Bring that flush
River rats tearing the house down
Revolution open your mouth now
Times about now that’s why the rhymes about how
How to start looking when the lights out
Put the pipes down, pick the fight up, turn the brights up
Write stuff to make the fright hush
And when the streets are silent – peace
Back in with the beats cus we in this together
Like it or not for the rhythm is the weather

Just move to the soothing sound of the water moving
Just look what the storm blew in who’s in
We using the wind to cruise in
To no bad weather again where-ever you been
Wasn’t nothing better then hearing the sun knock then let in
Soaking the skin with no fear of the melanin
Cheer for the weatherman here take my better hand
The one I write with
The one I bring lightening to the night with
That’s the right thing like making a Spike flick
On the way be careful we might get
Cold and warm fronts mixing making some hype shit like
Flash lights and night sticks blue and whites getting they fight fix
But clear the room the monsoon of struggle
Came through to wash away the trouble
Now we back on the hustle
Through the hail and twisters
Moving cool through the abyss cus
Its us the blood that loves resistance, so…
Let the trickle grow to a flow
Flash floods breaking the banks letting you know that
We on the rise and we ready to blow
Creeping on a come up
With no guns up
Rocking to the rhythm til we see the suns up
Track Name: Writer's Anonymous
Writer’s Anonymous Written by Xception

My flows completely out of control my pen’s gone crazy
It leaks and battles my soul Uniball obey me
They catch writer’s block, I got writer’s arthritis
Sink into the ink when the light is just like this
And I just might light this, nicotine is killing me
Of course I lucky strike it, its my only break from killing beats
I’m killing trees too its not the chainsaws
It’s the paper I use to rearrange bars – bars
I’m trapped behind em if I lose my tool
That why I pack it in my pocket with perfected cool – I’m cool
On ghost writer’s and your sing alongs
Its like its one verse and rappers playing ping pong
And this is Wimbledon my pen is not for simpletons
But blazing instrumentals intercontinental gentleman
Entering the zone splintering microphones
Pull em out the speakers with tweezers make believers
Out of doubters haters and teachers
Didn’t want me out the womb didn’t want me to breathe first
But this is a rebirth do your research
This pen been in my hand since the Bible was reworked
Now we work for head jerks and props
As I script another verse with my pen on the spot

Me and my pen go back like old friends
Holding her before I learned to hold hands
Molding her into the role to mold me
Into the man to scroll it so freely
Soul so completely whole when me and the beat meet
Me and the beat beef like we in the beat street
But then my pen bring peace in the form of poems
Formed from a swarm of wrongs like we were both born with songs
I popped out with the pen the horns were on
Wrist suspended with no dream deferred mentioned
Couldn’t use a knife have to saw through the tension
Two digits up between the ring and the bird
In silence waiting just to bring the word
For slaves who couldn’t use it how I got this music
Still proving to get the point moving
But now we got our hands on it we can’t lose it
Turn the alphabet beautiful Langston Hughes it
Fuse it together with letters and elements
Setters of the relevance bet us if you smell a scent
Of weakness, be cool and keep it
Believe it if you see it
That me and this pen share the best kept secret
Track Name: Always 2010 feat. Multiplist
Always 2010 Written by Xception

Only a different heart beat away she
Pulled the carpet and swept my feet away
At first I wondered how we kept the heat away
Haters of young love sway us to be away, but
We held on like we were on jail phones
Look at them nails showing
Sleeping on the couch while I’m mailing flows in
You hold notes and I’m holding hope in
Trying to ignore the wise man that told him
You grow old neglecting the soul
A bad perception of control
Should be to poles under one household the taste
Of sweet potatoes grace my lips, it them hips
Your waist, your gifts wrapped in a wish
To fall upon stars and crawl upon the scars
And call upon gods to bring an angel to your arms
No more anger no more harm
Just a small house and a farm
If you were mine and the blues were dying
Would we change the rules and redefine
What’s really ours and what’s really time’s
Either way the line is open
If you forget here’s the lyrics that is soaked in

There’s always something and there’s always a way
To make something nothing when love is in play
Love a beauty and a mystery
The definition wrapped in my history

5’7” sophisticated The Ms. That made it
Caught up in the part of the Mr. Play with
The bounce in your heart maybe it’s the way his
Art took first place in all his spaces yeah
Still made me chase it
But raced back to leave a kiss on the face when
You realized the moment was too much to waste so,
You know I’m gone take this moment and state my case for
The pain I paid for maybe explain or just convey more
Dismay at the way you let the bouquet go
Whatever you say go and how you put it I was in the way so,
Forget about it I learned from my mistakes
Mistook you for my soul mate, but it was just a, a long date
And it show did come on strong but wasn’t fait
Just another picture of bait
That il trick ya when ya pick the ones that listen to hate
In the figure of friends and fears
Now I’ve been replaced by tears
You retrace our years and
Now you engineer a story that appear on
Daytime, yo you killing my play time
Consider this an essay on the best way to break lines
And fall back
Please, you getting no call back
After all that girl tell me you saw that
Track Name: Misses Everything
Misses Everything Written by Xception

Go ahead and light one, make sure it’s a tight one
Like this most beautiful figure eight wearing the right one
You know that, high heel boots to show that
Elegance in motion, a hell of a smell like Lucifer’s lotion or was it Chanel
Could tell if I was closer, but what am I supposed ta,
Do to approach the most ferocious overdose of emotions
To be simple she was fly swore I saw a temple in here eye
Pyramids and flowers like hours of the time
Then stepped back Like one for mankind - Took a picture in my mind
Framed it made a plaque and named it
Mrs. Everything that came with instructions for the game
Plus two d batteries compliments of great accomplishments in her family’s
DNA mixed to make the T and A fit
Intelligence lit with an element of way sick
To put it short she was favorite –
Like MJ over Celtics MJ over Elvis how else could I spell this
My fingertips melted on her pelvis
Felt like I was twelvish, naw more like sixteen
Lookin to fix things for me and Mrs. Everything
To grow into big dreams, go into pick rings
But hold up, switch scenes we grown up,
Which means think twice before its sewn up
So on my second thought around found it was just like my first
We met to quench her thirst and talk about our future,
But then it got worse
She was only a producer in search of a verse
Track Name: Mood Of The Music
Mood of the Music Written by Xception

Some say it started with a hum then to a drum
Probably went a little something like ummm… back with it
Exact with it a match with attach with it
Boom and the bap arrive intact with it
Where them high hats snares and vibes at
Be aware afrodesiac inside that besides that
Why rap why jam why making the band why shaking the hands
Demands of the music the plan is profound
Command of the movement expand with the sound

High off the tunes, but dance on the ground
Pants and legs wrapped around somebody else’s
But its nobody else’s your body’s helpless girl you so selfish
The way you move’s a health risk
Don’t need no clues wondering if you felt this
Its what the rhythm do to em hit em til two in
The morning then beat the drums til dawn and
On the mood of the music who loves the music
Count me in that’s what they found me in
Not a rebound always in your town again
Gotta love how loud it get when ya pump it to the red
Past your head your whole system bobbing
No problem like if it was then you solved em
Try to say that this don’t involve em
That it won’t dissolve of em of all the petty garbage
Leave it all departed
Who can remember where it all started
I don’t know but its built in my heart and I’m glad we thought of it!

Music is the Rock the Soul Survior
When Things Fall Apart its The Roots of the vibrance
The Brand Nu Foundation can’t kill it
It Takes a Nation a Daily Operation
Of Love, Peace, Nappiness
All the lost Souls of Mischief rap to this
Music is like a Love Movement is
A Beautiful Struggle where Nobody Beats the Biz
Chill on the competition cus we Black on Both Sides
Reflection is Eternal on the hope side
That’s that Moment of Truth, Fantastic
Music for the youth like Ol’ Dirty Bastard and now
The Mood Of The Music, up from the ashes
So, Hear My Dear we had to let you have it
The Main Ingredient for Labcabin traveling
Track Name: Paint a Picture
Paint a Picture Written by Xception

Over a yellow afternoon
Blue and white lights surround the outline of doom
The latest installment
Of chalk over pavement
Part two in the series of imitations of slaveships
Hard to describe the scene was tied off
Like a Keith Haring painting came alive and laid on the sidewalk
The ground was so hard her blood was so soft
Splattered on the bricks like a bomb had gone off
Yo, you swear to god that Osama showing off, but
Its just the cops and the calm they towing off
We say we used to it, but the truth is
We still feel life long abuse through it
And that’s my perspective from this moment captured in time
Elapsed in a rhyme perhaps in a rhyme
You hear the words spoken but the vision is refined
A collision with wisdom I paint a picture in your mind

A wise man once said a wise man doesn’t say much so
I wonder what I write these rhymes and fill em with love for
It must be the way that Tiffany Upshaw
Left them CDs at the crib I grew up on
Set me up on a path that I never strayed from
My passion for Hip-Hop you where it came from
Then where you came from after fifteen years
You suddenly appeared when my Father’s put to rest
And at the same time you reminded me I’m blessed
As we all are, when we recall the all stars
Cus that’s where it all starts
Every flame burning started out with a spark
You gotta see the light while you darting from dark
Is the art of life the part of life that marks
A place and time with grace and divine energy
I paint a picture in your mind

They say the last days are coming
A storm leaving nothing
But if you look around the world and travel through the slums then
You think it already happened
Civil war, poor water, its like a human disaster
Now action, back to the big screen
Back to the story of the boy having big dreams
Coming up on big scenes
Like star of the Slumdog
A hundred million in billing still live in the slum dog
That’s how it go they make a killing then run off
They take everything except for the sun off
And that’s how we dress now
Let em know you free walk with your chest out
Cus we kings and queens the winter summer fall and the spring
We gotta stand up cus some are gonna fall into things
And lend a hand then man kind will find
That what is written in your heart will paint a picture in your mind
Track Name: For Hip-Hop
For Hip-Hop Written by Xception

I love Hip-Hop every element every backstop
Usually the backdrop to truth
But who let the fools in the booth
They say Hip-Hop is dead and they got proof but the evidence was planted
Is like Mark Furhman is working at Atlantic
And the game is unfolding like somebody planned it – Panic!
Hit the light switches calling on a whole crowd of snitches
To tattle spill the grits on who stole the riches
Left the music in stitches and made a synonym for queens out of bitches
Know every word of the verse but you forgot to listen
On mission from Michigan to Switzerland we gets it in
Bring a, light to the mic hot box your system
Your head and your neck enlist em
Insist him bring that flow like city of the go lights
Below life hello life
Grow a Van Gogh on the mic
Its like Hip-Hop is alright tip top and in flight
Pop lockers on the block tonight
Thank god for the disc jock that rocked this right right
Ixnay on the stop this bout to unlock the clock and make it timeless
Gotta never mind rewind this
Play all day in your mind with
The kick the snares the horns the vocals
Moving international and local
Bring a boat full of your friends let the party begin
The pacemaker to the start of the win
Bring the rhythm to your heart with the art of the pen
Send my regards to what you used to
Cus this bout to park in your deck til we bring you part two
Pardon you there hater later for debate cus
No longer to wait for fait or someone to relate or the right rate for, no
Free in every sense let Hip-Hop grow!

It’s the music infused in the movement
Hands to the moon feet bout to lose it
In the grove smooth to the tempo
Xceptional rhymes and G-DO instrumentals

A seed from Jamaican islands planted in the NY violence
Sprouted out and brought sound to silence
Kool Herc, definition of cool work
Music in the park after going to school hurt
The rules burnt, plug em into the street lights
No street fights, don’t need police to read rights
Just cardboard and crates fought wars with breaks
Six step to the tape
Up rock to the latest and say this
It ain’t nothing to the DJ play it
Til the train yard stalkers spray it
Til it’s the midnight walkers favorite
Then it fit right in with the talk of greatest
So precious the culture magnetic and ultra
Touch to feel the pulse to
Feel what your supposed ta
Soaked in the hope and roped into the flavor
We major, come on dawg we major
Built for the ages adolescent and ancient
It’s a blessing ain’t it
not a possession or a weapon, but a tool to paint with
fresh but not tainted known but not famous
grown but not blameless strong but not brainless
can’t tame this music
work to improve it with so many seeds to sow, yo
letting Hip-Hop grow!

It’s the music infused in the movement
Hands to the moon feet bout to lose it
In the grove smooth to the tempo
Xceptional rhymes and G-DO instrumentals
Track Name: Simone Summer
Simone Summer Written by Xception

I’m from the frozen tundra where the cold fill your lungs up
30 below you second guessing where you come from
But then comes a break in the misery
A little bit of rain then the flowers come and visit me
Its like a little bit of pain before we feel the heat
Its like a riddle to my brain how we build the heat
Cus it finally arrive like a thousand Julys
Like a smile in my eyes look in the skies and

Kick on back, then let the weight go get a drink stir it up and make sho
You sip on that, hanging out on Lake Shore barbecues ballers and skateboards
So, tip your hat, to the summertime, can’t count the number of times that I
I wished you back, so when you turn it in play this song and await your return again

You burnt in my memory like beautiful Emily
Me and you tend to be on time like we in the beat
I love the way the heat bring people to the streets
And they like to wild out so don’t forget to bring your towels out
Cus it’s the hitch hikers guide to the best season
Don’t say you don’t want a ride that was the best reason
Nothing to stress but where trees and the breeze at
We see where the police at, they be at where we be at
We see that then don’t react we chillin’ where we free at
We building where they need that feeling that remind when to leave that
Desk class cubicle or restaurant
You wondering what’s popping let the noise be the testament
The only thing stopping everything testing it
Party poopers state troopers never gone invest in it
Maneuver for the cool months summertime specialists
Do whatever you want and then you find effortless

Kick on back, then let the weight go get a drink stir it up and make sho
You sip on that, hanging out on Lake Shore barbecues ballers and skateboards
So, tip your hat, to the summertime, can’t count the number of times that I
I wished you back, so when you turn it in play this song and await your return again

Now the temperature is up drop tops coming down
Every other week Hip-Hop coming out
Flips Flops coming out tank tops and short skirts
Skin showing belly out with short shirts
Abort work tell your boss that you sick to your stomach
If you get busted trust it to the summer
To bring you something like everything so seductive right
Before you hit the door gotta say, good luck and good night
Now the chase has begun a race for the sun
Intoxicated off just a taste of the sun
A chance to make a friend and see her face in the sun
She said my laces are undone
Then I’m taking your shoes off
After the massage then we shaking the blues off the true cost
Of needing nothing but the summer and the gift of breathing
In the morning and the evening weekdays and weekends

Kick on back, then let the weight go get a drink stir it up and make sho
You sip on that, hanging out on Lake Shore barbecues ballers and skateboards
So, tip your hat, to the summertime, can’t count the number of times that I
I wished you back, so when you turn it in play this song and await your return again
Track Name: Day One To None
Day One to None Written by Xception

From day one twelve eighty-two
Baby blue the baby who came through with a left ear infection
Left near rejection fear and c-section
Hear and see lessons steered with the sins
Cleared the direction from tears and a defection
Rose a rose who this year is on collection so
Get the plates purses and pockets
Pay up to this person and this project
Way up from way down reversing the process
So I guess that I’m reimbursing the obvious
Interspersed with the pain
The sunshine entered first conversed with the shame
Punked him
Now I enter first in the game
Diverse with the verse these words became flames
Now this earth is the terf that I roam and burn blame
That curse became the best slur since the nurse heard my name
Its just Xception to the lame
I understand the swamp and the lotus are the same
Put the broken in my aim and then cupid lose it the arrows in the breeze
And when this pharaohs on his knees
I believe I’m like the sparrow that he sees
Never narrow in his vision on a crash course collision
With the future like tarot and religion
Just a harrowing precision with the suture for incisions in the soul
Divisions in the soul with provisions on hold
But this fire in the cold is blazing
Razing the raisins in the sun cus the praises are the funds amazing
Ways are like the days have just begun
And I know the days are done where we phase into the dumb
And betray another one – the days are done