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The Beauty of It

by G-DO & Xception

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Welcome 02:57
Shade coming in the shadows are showing sin that’s sewn in the seeds of never mind whatever it’s all fine like dandelions lies and weeds a garden that’s on guard that bleeds to see the sun rise a little water for the leaves they dumb dry eyes seen what serves queens and demons same things to some guys game remains but players change while it all makes way for sunshine vision, colors plus all that is living what's given how it love us touch all with the rhythm shit is coming from above us gifted grace buzz buzzing in flowers carry a taste plugged in to where it wasn't aye wasssup to my cousin James got the same pain, if you can see we suffer we sharing the same frame lane change get the exit left we hit this nexus next no more questions peace love and bless Ya'll welcome, come on in plenty of room Just welcome, one mo' 'gain making it move We welcome, all of ya'll forever down For the sound for the soul pour pouring from the ground Ya'll welcome, come on outta the cold y'all all welcome, tell the youngins and old that ya'll welcome, tell ya momma and them that ya'll welcome, tell ya people in there... True beginnings, seeing through pretending and intensions who they sending, tell em best chance is that he listen new incisions, cutting through come at you with precision cue the mission cooking liberation haters waiting nothing coming but the blue is missing i got it, and stay completely ignorant of how to stop it i play, like its the summer and everything is beautiful love the way it sways familiar and unusual patterns within what happens Daily magic, probably my favorite habit except for the shit just happens i guess i'm just tapped into that unpacking into a rap sit back and then watch it attach clapping it fell in they laps so happy to have it to catch just the reception of who's that xception confessing taking the session to school check the method's only magnificent making the rules rest infused with new breath it's fresh like 88 the best and never late Ya'll welcome, come on in plenty of room Just welcome, one mo' 'gain making it move We welcome, all of ya'll forever down For the sound for the soul pour pouring from the ground Ya'll welcome, come in outta the cold y'all all welcome, tell the youngins and old that ya'll welcome, tell ya momma and them that ya'll welcome, tell ya people in there...
I’m feeling like, god willing it’s my time for building it sky high peeling it rust that’s been concealing it blind eyes killing it trust this moment healing it now i’m dealing it cards to win the dinner with down time chilling with stars that help my centering ground’s fine digging it roots given replenishing out-lined the figures with truth tending the penmanship bout mine pictured it proof living in sentences cloud nine been in it since my mom imprinted it brown shine the scent in it dense gassed ya didn’t it found signs accented with doors so then i went in it sound cried delivering more then i intended it proud rhymes the river it roars until i finish it vowed i cemented it law forever enter it crowd rise presenting the raw the epicenter if crowns high ascending to all the blessings wit ya get ya up! Just a moment in ... Where, there just a moment in, my mind So where was i, jumping through the funk in my memory, dumping a lil’ something from my mind and then in the beat, buzzing, off the rhyme scheme of the first verse i love it, how i stuck with it to work words, shout out to Wordsworth, peace to Yasiin we cousins related through our vision and 16s what was it, round 96 or 97, i started as xception to catch my view of present and yes, it's not perfected but dawg, me and these recorcds is raw me and these letters come together making an effort to awe awwww snap ain't it beautiful so ugly and unusual suited for big screens but baby we into musicals moving you and amusing you cruising through the blues jazz to get the cool now cold chillin these bold rhythms that's with him give an image of a moment in mind mine
Paradise 01:54
Inspire joy with just a smile, she do that in morning before we touching the ground, stars in her eyes and every argument for brown hardly get a scent and wow I'm traveling in her orbit where I found it so important to stay forward and now exploring whatever’s foreign with home between our knowing our own watching it growing so beautiful and profound a musical of emotion so moving and such a style the losing of all our notions of hoping versus the holding in sun shine or clouds when the rain comes down we dancing like we planned it stand together proud hand in hand banded harmony in our sound happiness where we landed Man it feel like, every love lyric every spirit of the harvest gardens of Eden gods and goddesses where the artists heart, is gorgeous darkness warm, day before creation just waiting to make it bang, naked singing love and waking the sun shaking the rain raising the wind laying the plains make me feel like there was never pain never broke never shame never 'lone never change never gone let it go never fade full color rainbow whole spectrum of soul ain’t it great great great trismegustus how we lift this like it's 8 raise the gates to forever super nice make me feel like life and it's paradise
Release 03:00
Born in the coldest winter splinters in the floor tore my toes and when I entered kindergarten started sharpening the art of seeing light and darker parts of thoughts appearing in the faces of peers teachers a seer couldn’t see his self but peeping deceivers piercing my ears sounding confused and down to use whoever listening I’m sitting getting amused packaging clues for the deliverance called me distant and different others gifted or mystic a misfit missing his mission I took note wrote rhymes listened close closed eyes learned to float caught the flow Capricorn that billy goat but silly though cause God is honest, teeth that gap leaking the tea we see what’s in the light now that’s right now I write it like it’s piping through my life now believe that I bleed that mother blood from above grow to touch heaven and all that’s up that blessing that’s all of us we catch it and call it love I live right here, /re-lease every time that I, Feel, These Sheets I’mma do this til I’m dead, that’s clear as day, dope beats, blaring in my head like, where is he, wear a pen, on me like I’m wearing heat, airing grief of angry hearts sharing the air we breathe, bearing peace, on my sleeve, sharing time with the thieves re-cieve re-lease swearing to never cease, blaring these pairings of life and a tongue flaring the night and no one sparing the muse and so she bearing the truth it's so endearing it moves like spirit from so afar to near it to where I are turn my parts to the whole can only hear it my vision is its expression it's sketching a garden balanced with challenges and perfection where obstacles match the talent unstoppable the ascension impossible we tap out it we born to be in contention colossal the facts about it could jostle or rap about it don't matter it's in the chapters believe it be in the now or see it come in the after I live right here, /re-lease every time that I, Feel, These Sheets
New Moon 02:20
Didn’t really want much, a chance at good living, peace on his own streets a wife with two kids and a life not looking over his shoulder for nothing, holding focus forward and growing something for youngins’ but believe shit happens this is what it is when you live on this earth and you breathe in magic, receiving static the patterns are not known, just might lead to deceiving habits in-habiting your home fear of an old song the tune plays resume play routine the scene shit seems like progress but why guess they said you doing good man better than average eating out of cans and the occasional cabbage far from savage and just as far from savvy fuck is happy just glad the boss ‘ll have me scenes in passing dreams that are dead and laughing Grinding, seeing his time and seeing bindings reaching beyond seeing the shine he into finding what's in there past scared cloaked and hiding soaked in broken hopes overdosed in diving fucking joke with no punchline and no comedy solemnly, followed that light into where he aughta be and caught a piece of the peace, it looked like he did, felt a sudden release and then he got heated, warm in the knowledge of self and the real reason mystery in the meaning symmetry in the seasons, breathing letting it in watching it leaving then begin again no ignition needed conceived in first cause called all and even between church walls and crawl deep in the ether creatures, amazing grace like Ms. Aretha looking life in the face and seeing beautiful features
I been blessed, with what you might call good vision, good ears to listen in touch with intuition but, damn living is a whole other rhythm knowing so much better than, effort i’m giving just, treading, water, but not bad at swimming waking up to bright light, turn around and dim it be saying it’s too intense but really i just be trippin been laying over the fence instead of taking decisions waking and wishing, this ‘ll be my day to be different day to see past limits day to be that image of a better man learning to love and better understand the care in my fathers hands the fight in my mother’s heart to pray i’m forever safe my head looking to the stars, so why i make it so hard to play my part to stay in my role lay in the flow of life's river letting go, grow, holding a whole picture So loud, the sirens of change, with my name in they mouth, wonder what it's, what it's really all about if i start looking in, and keep breathing out out Conditioned by years of fear and trauma turned into coping a boy full of the hope now a man stumbling broken but open to new feelings believing that it's a reason to pass perceived ceilings embracing a new season the spring, of new being and seeing my little self like my offspring that i can bring back into health and carry into the future with power knowing the past was the path to inducing the flowering of my task at last a fresh breath some gas to keep going my mask is off now that smile is still glowing this child is still growing exploring the mysteries the wild beautiful forest before us we never seen, step into the day reporting a gorgeous scene, store it, import it, and pour it in my dreams forward over the stream of me toward the real where i'm free in the sea of all i can feel So loud, the sirens of change, with my name in they mouth, wonder what it's, what it's really all about if i start looking in, and keep breathing out out
underneath everything there was love, even when it seemed, there could be a scene of blood convened the court, summon all the jury and judge, playing it back, I said this and you did that, calling em facts missing the mark thats living in heart and looking to build something to trust that we can touch, feel, real, hold so close know it like self, let the grip go of ego seeing our health and, want it more than the strain the suffering and the blame the struggling as we heal the generational pain this is our will our dyn our aim the goal the game the hope and the whole thang girl these are our dreams diamonds and pearls the scene a beautiful world, made in the action of love with the intention of us serving the engine to up to another world but its all right here, walls can come down skies can grow clear, we can be us, we can be we, we can share love, we can be free (we) in it now, it’s the end of the in and out the end of the pretending that we ain’t meant to share this house ain’t meant to share these vows, can you imagine, bout to be sharing a child, calling me dad and, calling you mom building a bond beyond whatever’s known, seeds of a home to grow and die under with no why on the mind only aligned with the love that we built to hold divine wonder and I wonder, how good can it get, flowing like a river on the land til it fit then making the soil rich producing what’s conducive for the fruit of our souls, behold, our valley of life let’s take a stroll, feeling our fingers fold your life line and mine, intertwined and running shining loves light on the time whatever coming and we summoning our truth to let the new son in
Gone 02:16
Gone after this but back in a minute don’t sweat it last song of the disc on to the next letters and we gone on flying these poems tying these feathers birds of a flock flying together G-DO Xception see it’s on like we never performed and now we at it like we never had the habit of making magic come on, go’on with that gabbage look back at the classics see the ones coming the one that’s bumping and leave assumptions alone, assuming that it’s tuning your body it’s done properly a prophecy of artists that’s committed to hone this craft and soul searching flow below the surface gone in the abyss left a kiss for the listeners we gone to spread love to come back with a bigger hug a picture of why we got sent in the beginning now the record spinning and you stuck in it until the finish but it’s never ending call it no limit all in to win it and we here Gone, but obviously not really plot silly just me rocking willing ly over these here beats we stock ceiling high like we never gone die we drop feeling pride and dope vibes provided by healing lies true school these guys locked spilling life just peeling blinds off to realize hip hop is alive and still building sky’s where we chillin light shine bright like Orion had designed the mic it’s so brilliant wise on every corner country and all forms and size the new norm the fly and sophisticated the high and the denigrated the swine and the venerated the dying and newest babies designed articulated in time and designated for serving the greatest flavors hate us love us rate us under or upper just know it’s coming and we here


At the beginning of last year, Donnie realized it had been a while since he'd written a song and wanted to test the waters. He dove into his stack of G-DO beats from the past four or five years and this was the result, for The Beauty of It.


released December 10, 2021

All songs written and performed by Donnie Adams
Mixing, Recording, Post-Production
and Cover Design by Donnie Adams
Beats by Guido Schotten
Cover Painting by Stephanie Welvaart


all rights reserved



G-DO & Xception Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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